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Analog Mixed Signal

we provide design services across a board spectrum of Analog, Mixed Signal and RF Circuit domains. Our team has a rich experience of delivering designs and first time silicon success. Our team’s design capabilities are summarized below.

High Speed Serial Interface

Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS), Mini-LVDS, sub-LVDS, RSDS, SerDes Framer Interface (SFI-4, SXI-5), Transmitter and Receiver circuits, serializer and de-serializer circuits, multiplexers, high speed Clock and Data recovery circuits, Clock Tree Synthesis and Clock signal distribution, high speed CML buffers, flip-flops and signal frequency dividers and Delay Locked Loops. Gbps SerDes, Analog PHY and Channel links.

Clock Circuits

Both integer and fractional Phase Locked Loops, with output signal frequencies reaching up to 8GHz, using ring as well as low-jitter on-chip LC Oscillators. Low power, low jitter, high multiple ratio PLLs with on-chip programmability of loop parameters, output frequencies, and high resolutions of fractional loop frequency multiplication, targeted for SoC Clock generation and Clock-Data recovery.

Automotive Electronics

ECU-Sensor interface Transceiver PHY circuits of Automotive Standards like FlexRay and Peropheral Sensor Interface [PSI5]. Smart-key Antenna Driver and Receivers. Also, other macros like Power Supply regulator, amplifiers, reference BIAS block operating at high voltage and high temperature targeting automotive applications.

Data Convertors

Pipelined, sub-ranging, SAR and Sigma Delta architectures for Analog-to-Digital converters, for audio, video, instrumentation and space applications. Current steering, capacitance array and weighed resistance array architectures for Digital-to-Analog converters.

Power Management Circuits

Linear and low-drop out regulators with on-chip or off-chip load capacitances, high efficiency and low quiescent current consumption, short circuit and over load sensing, temperature sensing and automatic shut down functional capabilities. DC-DC Buck Boost Converters.

MEMS Sensor Read-Out and Interface IC

Read Out and Interface ICs for MEMS Gyro-Sensor, 3-axes accelerometer, pressure sensor etc., Microbolometer Read-Out ICs for imaging applications.

RF IC Design

RF Front end for Space applications, RF Receiver and Baseband Chain for GPS Receiver. Various RF and Baseband blocks like, LNA, Mixer, AGC, Power Amplifier, IF Amplifier, VGA, ADC and DACs etc.,

General Analog, Mixed-signal and Custom Digital designs

High speed differential operational amplifiers, high speed comparators, BIAS and bandgap circuits, CML buffers, Load current sensor circuits, Crystal Oscillators, Level Shifters, Phase Interpolators, Charge pumps, Voltage-to-current converters, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuits, programmable variable gain amplifiers and DVD Read/Write channel front-end circuits. Custom Digital blocks and Standard Cells.