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Products :
Embedded UML Studio II
Embedded UML RXF
Embedded UML Target Debugger
ARM Embedded Studio
Basic Tools

Willert is a pioneer in embedded software engineering provides complete UML based solution for embedded developers.They understand embedded developers and provide solutions of bottle neck issues like real time applications, memory footprint… or the integration of interrupts.

Willert work with numerous competent partners like: IBM (before Telelogic), Keil (an ARM Company), Altium (before Tasking), pls, Hitex, CMX, 3Soft, ENEA, HighTec, Segger, OOSE, Rational IBM, Infineon, NXP, ATMEL, Motorola (FreeScale), Mitsubishi (Renesas) … TÜV (nord), Quategra, MicroConsult, e-Gits, HSE … and support their technologies.

Our embedded UML solutions support the following microcontrollers: Infineon XC167 / C167 / TriCore, Renesas (Mitsubishi) M16C / M32C – NEC V850 – Atmel AT Mega128 – 8051 – ARM7 / ARM9 – Fujitsu – Coldfire – Blackfin and many more platforms.

Products :
TeamSpirit® 3.0 Voice&Video Engine PC
TeamSpirit® 3.0 Voice&Video Engine Embedded
TeamSpirit® Voice&Video Engine For Residential V2oIP Media Phones
TeamSpirit® 3.0 Voice&Video Engine Mobile
TeamSpirit® 3.0 Conferencing Engine
Audio Engine
Gateway Components Bundle
Digital Radio

SpiritDSP is an industrial leader provides Audio and Video solutions for the communication world. Since most of SPIRIT global customers compete in the industry that is driven by innovation, SPIRIT job is to help you bring your communication products to the market faster and help you outperform your competition both in product quality and price. SPIRIT is bootstrap, spirit grew only from successes of the customers, so they do everything to serve best for the customers. Spirit is very passionate about serving global names as customers help spirit to change the way people on the green planet communicate and collaborate.

Products :
Build Automation: ElectricCommander
Up to 20x Faster Builds: ElectricAccelerator
Detailed Build Analytics and Reporting: ElectricInsight

Electric Cloud is the leading provider of software production management (SPM) solutions. Electric Cloud solutions automate, accelerate and analyze software build/test/deploy processes to optimize both physical and virtual IT environments. The company’s patented and award-winning products help development organizations to speed time to market, boost developer productivity, and improve software quality. Leading companies across a variety of industries, including semiconductors, enterprise IT, ISVs, mobile devices, and transactional Web sites rely on Electric Cloud’s SPM solutions to transform software production from a liability to a competitive advantage

Products :

Home and small business security over 3G network – Datasheet

IgnitionPro Kit- Rapid Prototype module for Dual Core Davinci Processor -Datasheet
Software Product Suite to speed your DSP projects to market -Datasheet

Eointec Solutions Ltd introduces IgnitionPro a fast prototyping module containing a Texas Instruments TMS320DM6446 dual core microprocessor-DSP processor designed for video and audio applications. It provide the fast prototype and development board that is an ideal and cost effective way for OEMs to develop software on a hardware platform that can be used in their final product. It supports latest TI DaVinci Processors.Also they provide mobile security solutions for Home and small business.

File Systems
Flash Translation Layers
Windows Drivers
Audio Engine
Development Boards
Development Services

HCC-Embedded is the foremost vendor of storage and communication solutions for embedded systems. HCC suite of file systems covers the entire range of embedded applications, from the smallest to the largest. With HCC-Embedded, one size does NOT fit all; developers can choose a file system that’s right for their applications. All of HCC’s products are designed and tested to the highest standards, in order to maximize performance, reliability and portability. HCC-Embedded, as an independent company that serves the entire embedded community, has paid special attention to portability issues. With HCC products, it’s possible to use virtually any RTOS, or a home-brew operating system, or a non-RTOS operating system, or no operating system at all.To support this approach, and for other compelling reasons, all HCC-Embedded products are distributed in full source form.

Products :
Embedded Computers
Expansion Boards
Development Boards – MOB-QIL-A9260-XXX , MOB-TNY-A9260-XXX , MOB-TNY-A9260-MD2-XXX
Development Kits – KIT-USB-A9G20-LV1-XXX , KIT-USB-A9263-LV1-XXX , KIT-TNY-A9263-AVI-LV1-XXX
USB Keys
Custom services – Development of mother board,Daughter Board
Beagle boards,Sheeva Plugs etc.

Calao Systems is the leading vendor in embedded and Network computing products.CALAO Systems proposes inovative solutions for ARM based embedded computers. These solutions are particularly well adapted for microcontroller type applications up to leading edge mulitmedia performances.Evaluation and development kits are also proposed with free GNU toolchain and a ready to install Linux kernel with a pre-installed file system.They developped software can easily be ported on kits that are dedicated to small or medium manufacturing batch. CALAO Systems proposes these kits on the shelves or customization services.

Products :
Intime for Windows – Real Time for Windows
evm for Windows – Embedded Virtual Machine Manager- Case Study
iRMX for Windows – Windows and iRMX can run on the same processor
PC PLC for Intime – RealTime Software PLC – Datasheet
Total Systems Solution – Industrial System Solutions
Website :http://www.tenasys.com/

Tenasys is the leading vendor in embedded Real Time Virtualization technology computing products.Intime innovative products enabled realtime-virtualization on a multicore PC.INtime® for Windows RTOS brings deterministic real-time responsiveness to any PC that runs the Windows OS.INtime runs alongside Windows on single- or multi-core processors, and ensures that real-time tasks are handled while delivering maximum performance and highest reliability to embedded applications worldwide.eVM for Windows virtual machine manager leverages the hardware assist features for virtualization that are built into the newest Intel processors to enable other RTOSes, including legacy operating systems, to run on embedded platforms alongside Windows.iRMX® for Windows extends the life of existing iRMX RTOS-based applications