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July 7th, 2016
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Luceda Photonics

FTD and Luceda Photonics  enters in to agreement to provide its silicon photonics  solutions for SE Asian customers.

Luceda provides an Integrated Photonics Environments for silicon photonics market. Luceda photonics spun out from IMEC Belgium photonics groups , they have several decades of silicon photonics design and manufacturing experience. IPKISS flow and IPKISS EDA are the successful photonics Integrated platforms for today’s generation silicon photonics systems. IPKISS-EDA has a capability to integrated with mentor graphics L-Edit (physical layout editor) and CST studio (Physical Optics) platform to do the faster verification for commercial customers. CTO of FTD Solutions Mr.Aravindan mentioned that ” Luceda got great experience in silicon photonics design technology and FTD got lot of experience in marketing and support for SE Asia region , this fruitful collboration  will address the market needs “

About FTD Solutions

Founded in the Year 1994 we have evolved from a Software distribution company to a provider of complete solutions. Today we provide total Engineering solutions for our market segments like Automotive, Hig-Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Clean-Tech, Energy . FTD Solutions is headquartered in Singapore and have operations in S E Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia) and India. We are professionally managed and have a series of eminent personalities from engineering field. Our total solution includes Products, Training, Design services, Project Management and Consultancy towards engineering from concept to end product.

About Luceda

Luceda Photonics wants photonic IC engineers to enjoy the same first-time-right design experience as electronic IC designers. Luceda Photonics’ tools and services are rooted in over 50 years of experience in photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design.

The team’s expertise in the development of process design kits (PDK) and the design and validation of photonic integrated circuits is used by several research institutes and industrial R&D teams worldwide.

The company started as spin-off from imec, the photonics group of the UGent and the VUB.

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