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FTD Solutions pioneer in MEMS Design and consultancy last 11 years , our company focussed on key applications like Inertial sensor, RF MEMS, Optical Mems.Our in-depth knowledge of MEMS and microsystems production and of MEMS packaging and interface issues may be of valuable assistance to you.

TIf your company is investigating about microsystems technology, this offers an opportunity to increase market share and profitability, if you wonder whether or not your traditional markets may be under threat by disruptive technologies, if you suspect your competitors are already focusing on MEMS and microtechnologies, then please give us a call or drop an email message. We are happy to discuss trends, challenges and opportunites of MEMS and miniaturization technology and markets with you.

Our Services :

  • Market research, roadmapping,strategic forecasting and feasibility study
  • Technology assessment (Process and Design) and foundry services
  • MEMS Design and Fabrication services for Inertial Sensors,RF MEMS, Optical MEMS devices
  • Costing analysis for MEMS products
  • Design and Fabrication hands-on training for each devices
  • Packaging concepts and packaging solutions for MEMS and microsystems
  • Manufacturing strategies and manufacturing concepts for MEMS and Microsystems
  • PDK Development for your Platforms