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Product Description


Bring your product creation ideas to life

Cadence® OrCAD®, Allegro®, and Sigrity™ technologies and solutions provide unique, cost-effective, and scalable capabilities for designing some of the electronics industry’s market-leading products.

With industry-proven OrCAD solutions, you get affordable yet sophisticated PCB technology, right from your desktop. Allegro PCB design solutions enable a constraint-driven design flow, from concept to manufacturing. Unique Sigrity technology provides the only proven path for system-level, power-aware signal integrity(SI) / simultaneous switching noise (SSN) compliance.

orcad_sub_hdrMainstream, cost effective and feature-rich PCB design solutions available as standalone products or in comprehensive suites starting with a fully functional FREE to use version

allegro_sub_hdrScalable, easy-to-use, constraint-driven PCB and IC packaging design solution for small to large distributed design teams available in base plus option configurations

sigrity_sub_hdrSI / PI solution for PCBs and IC packages, enabling system-level interface compliance verification, available as standalone products or base plus option configurations