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Dynamic Testing

Product Description

Automating Software Testing With VectorCAST

The VectorCAST embedded software testing platform is a family of products that automates testing activities across the software development lifecycle. The purpose of this section is to provide a high-level view of what the VectorCAST products do, how they interwork, and how you might best use them to fully meet your own software testing needs


Unit and Integration Testing

VectorCAST/C++ and VectorCAST/Ada automates the process of testing source modules written in C/C++ or Ada. They automate both unit testing and integration testing.

Regression Test Management

VectorCAST/Manage allows you to import previously developed VectorCAST/C++ and VectorCAST/Ada test environments into regression test suites, providing a single point-of-control for all unit and integration test activities.

Code Coverage

VectorCAST/Cover performs code-coverage analysis during functional or system test. It can share coverage data with VectorCAST/C++ and VectorCAST/Ada.

VectorCAST/MCDC provides two levels of verification for conditional expressions. VectorCAST/MCDC can automatically generate MC/DC test cases to help achieve 100% pair coverage

Layered Products

VectorCAST/RSP is a Runtime Support Package that serves as an extension to VectorCAST/C++ and VectorCAST/Ada. It allows you to execute test cases for real-time applications in an embedded-target or simulator environment.

VectorCAST/RGW permits the flow of data between a requirements management tool and the VectorCAST testing tool. Through a simple and intuitive interface, developers can quickly link requirements to VectorCAST test cases. After test execution, the status can be returned to the requirements management tool.

VectorCAST/Lint is a static source code analyzer that performs module based or whole-program source code analysis on C/C++ codebases and automatically identifies problems at their source, prior to compiling.

VectorCAST Certification Kits expedite validation and certification of aerospace and avionics development under DO-178B/C, rail application development under EN 50126, industrial and automotive development under IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, and compliance under FDA and IEC 62304.

Tool Integrations

Vector Software collaborates with industry leading technology providers to develop integrations that extend the breadth and depth of the VectorCAST platform. VectorCAST integrates with software tools for Configuration Management, Software Modeling, Requirements Management, and Static Analysis.

Compilers and Debuggers

VectorCAST supports a wide range of industry-standard C, C++, and Ada compilers and debuggers.

Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOSes)

VectorCAST is designed to support any commercial-quality off-the-shelf real-time operating system (RTOS).

Host Platforms

VectorCAST is available on the following host platforms:

  • Windows XP and newer
  • Linux with glibc 2.4+
  • Solaris 2.5.1 and newer (SPARC)