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Product Description


Hybrid Verification Platform

HES-DVM™ is a fully automated and scriptable Hybrid Verification and Validation environment for SoC and ASIC designs up to 96M ASIC gates capable of bit-level simulation acceleration, SCE-MI 2.1 transaction emulation, hardware prototyping, and virtual modeling. Utilizing the latest in co-emulation standards, hardware and software design teams are able to have early access to the latest FPGA technology, and work concurrently with one another developing and verifying high-level code with RTL.

Hardware Emulation

HES-DVM provides hardware design teams with multiple modes of high-speed verification and validation including simulation acceleration, transaction level emulation, and hardware prototyping for chip and system level verification of SoC and ASIC systems. Combined powerful debugging tools allowing 100% visibility into the DUT and speed adapters to connect industry standard interfaces to the design environment, verification teams are able to reduce test time and risks of silicon re-spins.

Software Development with Complete OS and Processor Solutions

HES-DVM enables Hardware and Software Co-Verification utilizing a SCE-MI infrastructure which connects TLM modules to the DUT residing in hardware via high-speed AXI and AHB bus transactors. TLM modules can include virtual platforms utilizing the latest embedded processors, peripherals, and complete OS platforms for a complete SoC environment within HES-DVM.