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eSOL Embedded RTOS


Product Description

RTOS Product Lineup for Embedded System

eSOL provides two types of RTOSes to meet a wide variety of embedded applications needs:
eMCOS : Scalable RTOS
eT-Kernel :  Optimized and enhanced version of T-Kernel.
eMCOS real-time operating system that provides scalable support from microcontrollers through to single core and heterogeneous multi- and many-core systems.
Because of its scalability, eT-Kernel provides multiple profiles, including a µITRON-like compact kernel, a large operating system based on the memory-protected process model, plus a profile with the POSIX specification. Additionally, we offer eT-Kernel for homogeneous multicore processors with an advanced scheduling mechanism to allow the coexistence of both SMP and AMP, giving you a good migration strategy path from your single core based legacy code.

   Scalable RTOS
Optimized and enhanced T-Kernel
T-Kernel for multi-core processors
eT-Kernel compliant with POSIX specifications
eT-Kernel with memory protection and a process model for large systems
Compact eT-Kernel with high real-time performance