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Product Description

View and plot Gerber (RS274D, RS274X and MDA) data. GBRVU has one of the best plotter drivers of all available viewers. Windows and UNIX.
An easy to use converter from Gerber to DXF. Ideal for producing documentation data for PCBs. Recommended for PADS users – don’t let that nasty PADS DXF output mess you up…
GBRUnion | GBRUnionLib
GBRUnion “contourizes” complex gerber RS274X files. Ideal for adding edge factor compensation for fine line work. Also used to clean up Gerber for entry into field analysis and parasitic extraction programs.
Boolean tools for Gerber – compare (XOR), add (OR), intersect (AND) – ideal for mask preparation.
Extract Nets from Gerber data. Ideal for package designers who need to do signal integrity analysis …
A precise, high resolution, RIP for Gerber data. Ideal for inspection, machine vision and imaging machines. OEM Windows version.
Copper Fill
A Gerber Copper Fill software.
Converts OASIS and GDSII files to Gerber RS274X. Compresses the Gerber output by detecting repeating data and by arc recovery.
Converts Gerber to fractured OASIS with trapezoids based output.

Other Translators

Converts 3D STL (Stereolithography) data into Gerber RS247X. Ideal for getting film/artwork from 3D programs such as SolidWorks and ProE…
ASM 600
Converts GDSII Stream (Calma) data to Gerber. Ideal for IC packaging, MEMs, and other technologies where IC layout tools are used and films are required.
Reads HPGL and converts to Gerber. One of the most robust conversions available. Supports more HPGL and HPGL/2 commands than any other HPGL translator.
Converts Excellon Drill files to Gerber.
A tool for comparing two bitmap files. A useful utility for verifying translators and ratsterizers
Converts a monochrome&RGB TIFF and BMP into Gerber RS274X format.
Converts Excellon Drill files to Laser Optimized Files.

Application Notes

PCB Check Plotting
A team of 20 designers can plot their Gerber files via our GBRPLOT program to high speed printers/plotters just like they were printing ordinary files.
D-Codes, Apertures and Plot Files
An excellent tutorial covering the basics of Gerber data. IF you’re new to Gerber read this.
All About RS274X
Moving from RS274D to RS274X and want to know what’s in it and how it works? Read this excellent tutorial explaining embedded apertures, macros, polygon fill and image plotting controls.
Pentax to RS274X
Pentax is a Gerber “like” format commonly used in Japan. While it looks like Gerber it must be processed much differently …
Clean Gerber to DXF Translations
Artwork’s GBRUnion program can eliminate the overlapping flashes and draws and output to AutoCAD nice clean boundaries.