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Measurement Systems

Product Description

RCS Measurements

In-house and customer onsite RCS Measurement services.

Measurement Lab News


November 2013, Mazagón, Huelva, Spain. The IDS Measurement Laboratory has taken part in the NATO SET-180 trials operating the IDS FARAD Radar. The trials took place at the INTA CEDEA test range, one o…

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Measurement Laboratory Brochure

Measurement Laboratory Brochure
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Measurement Laboratory

The mission of the IDS Measurement Laboratory is to ensure state-of-the-art measurement and test and survey capabilities, with particular regard to applied electromagnetics and to the field of signature management,by continuously developing new Measurement Methods and Systems. The Measurement Lab is especially focusedon providing measurements solutions, including systems and services (thanks to its comprehensive facilities including a very large partial anechoic chamber). The Measurement Laboratory offers its capabilities directly to external customers as well as to the other IDS Laboratories and Divisions

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