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Product Description

Microfluidics Applications

ESI Group provides advanced simulation software, collaborative R&D, and consultation and product development services for the design and optimization of BioMEMS, lab-on-chip, and microfluidic devices. Our CFD and multiphysics solutions rigorously simulate the complex interacting physics (microfluidics, electrokinetics, biochemistry, electrostatics, stress etc.) that govern biochip performance.

ESI Group’s mission is to enable rapid screening of concepts and optimization of downselected designs (simulation-based design), thereby accelerating product development for Microfluidics. ESI’s solutions have been extensively used to conceptualize, analyze and optimize many different components and systems that characterize a typical biochip. These range from sample preparation techniques (separation, injection, amplification / pre-concentration, reagent mixing) to sample detection (optical, fluorescence-based, electrochemical etc.).

ESI Group provides high fidelity engineering analysis services and simulation software tools for a wide range of microfluidic applications including:

  • Biochips
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Inkjets
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearings
  • Mixing Analysis
  • Separation Analysis
  • Surface Binding & Chemical Reaction Analysis

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