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Product Description

EMC/EMI Prediction & Measurement

The growing use of electronics on board naval ships increases the likelihood of unwanted effects caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI), making electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) a vital part of a ship’s performance. The IDS Naval EMC/EMI prediction and measurement solutions are designed to ensure that personnel, equipment, ordnance and fuels are not impacted by nor disrupt the electromagnetic environment by using our design tools ( Ship EDF-EME and Ship EDF-Below Deck ) and our measurement tool ( AZIMUTH ) to optimize the topside arrangement for specific priorities.

Naval Division

The IDS Naval Division provides navies and industry with innovative project capability
to optimize the electromagnetic onboard environment and signature features of a ship’s design and lifetime performance. This is achieved by either taking care of a project directly or by supporting clients to carry out their projects independently. IDS commitment to excellence, its advanced predictive and measurement tools together with a reservoir of competences come together to offer a competitive edge in naval design.

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