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Noise measurement system

Product Description

Advanced 1/f Noise Measurement System – 9812D/NoiseProPlus™

  • Proven system architecture inherited from 9812A/B, the industry’s golden 1/f noise measurement system for more than 14 years, used by all leading foundries, IDMs and research institutions.
  • Industry’s only system with multiple built-in voltage and current LNAs, with the lowest noise floor and highest resolution in a wide frequency range, that enable the highest possible measurement accuracy for different measurement requirements.
  • Industry’s lowest 1/f frequency corner at below 100Hz, giving 100X+ wider dynamic range than others for 1-1KHz measurement.
  • Reliable on-wafer high accuracy noise measurement for true wide frequency bandwidth up to 10MHz without roll off.
  • The only system that can take up to 100V from the SMU for high voltage and/or low current (<0.1µA) biases.
  • Record high measurement throughput, 3-10 times better than the previous 9812B/-NoisePro system, benefitting from fast charging circuitry, parallel data processing, and support formulti-die, multi-device, multi-bias and multi-type noise measurement combined with fullIV sweeping.
  • Auto measurement for 1/f noise and massive repetitive RTS data.
  • Tightly integrated DSA for improved measurement efficiency, better data quality and reduced hardware integration cost.
  • Re-designed system for better DUT protection and fast system stabilization.

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