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PK51 Professional Developer’s Kit


Product Description

PK51 Professional Developer’s Kit

PK51 - Professional Developer's KitThe PK51 Professional Developer’s Kit for the 8051 microcontroller family supports all 8051 derivatives including new devices with extended memory and instruction sets (like the Dallas 390/5240/400, Philips 51MX, and Analog Devices MicroConverters) and classic devices and IP cores from companies like Analog Devices, Atmel, Cypress Semiconductor, Dallas Semiconductor, Goal, Hynix, Infineon, Intel, NXP (founded by Philips), OKI, Silicon Labs, SMSC, STMicroelectronics, Synopsis, TDK, Temic, Texas Instruments, and Winbond.

On-chip peripherals and other key features of the 8051 are easy to access with the PK51 Professional Developer’s Kit.


You should consider the PK51 Professional Developer’s Kit if you…

  • Will work with a variety of 8051 microcontrollers,
  • Will develop code for the Dallas 390 or Philips 51MX devices,
  • Need to write code in C,
  • Require a simulator or don’t have an emulator,
  • Create complex, single-chip applications that require a small real-time kernel.