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Product Description

Creating raster bitmap files from CAD formats is an essential step in mask making. Artwork has specialized in this business for almost 20 years and offers a line of high performance rasterizers for Gerber, ODB++ and GDSII data formats.

ODB++ RIP/a>

Directly rasterizes ODB++ data to a monochrome bitmap. Available as a stand alone executable or as a shared library (DLL).


a customized version of GBR_RIP with 4 bit greyscale output and geometry sizing …

Nexgen RIP

A set of three libraries for high performance OEM rasterizing of GDSII and OASIS layout data. Designed for mask writers, laser direct imaging and mask/wafer inspection equipment.

QckRip – a GDSII rasterizer with shear transformation and user defined bitmap tiling.


A pre-processor for GDSII and ODB++ layout data – it finds repetitive geometries and outputs them in a way that the RTCR can produce large bitmaps quickly and efficiently.

Qckvu3 w Target/Feature Extraction

Artwork’s Qckvu3 GDSII viewer with a special plug-in enabling a user to quickly extract the centers of objects and alignment targets. Useful for extracting a number of CAD coordinates from a file needed for alignment and correction.


Rasterizes Gerber (RS274X) data to monochrome or grey-scale bitmaps.


Why Artwork does not recommend directly rasterizing DWG/DXF from AutoCAD or other mechanical drafting software.

Real Time Correction RIP

A combination high speed RIP with the ability to accept correction data derived from substrate measurements. The RIP supports GDSII but works with its companion pre-processor, SFGEN, which supports both GDSII and ODB++ files.

Very Large Bitmap Viewer

A specialized viewer designed to load very large monochrome bitmaps (GBytes +++) and quickly display the data and enable pan, zoom and measurement. Very useful for those that must routinely handle and analyze large bitmaps.