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Product Description

Antenna Siting

ADF is focused on the optimization of antenna placement on real platforms. It allows the assessing of pattern distortion, inter-antenna coupling, passive inter-modulation risk and near-field susceptibility.
To cover a wide range of electrical dimensions of the platform, ADF integrates several numerical methods:

  • Method of Moments with several acceleration techniques
  • Physical Optics, Physical Theory of Diffraction
  • Geometrical Theory of Diffraction
  • Oversized Cavity Theory

Space Laboratory

IDS has always focused its core competences on research and development of electromagnetic modeling methods. The company has applied its acquired know-how to space technologies, creating a highly specialized team of qualified engineers working the dedicated Space Lab. The Lab offers support and products to antenna engineers involved in antenna and array design, electromagnetic engineering and other related fields.

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Some of the images used within the Space section of this website are courtesy of our partners:

  • European Space Agency – ESTEC
  • Indian Space Research Organization
  • Thales Alenia Space – Italy
  • MVG-Satimo