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Test and Measurement

Product Description


Production Test & Programming

Get the best test coverage and program devices in-system in one easy-to-use application. Increase yields by finding the cause of board failures with advanced debugging tools.

Overcome test access problems – even with BGA devices

Reach previously inaccessible connections without adding test points. XJTAG does not require physical access to each point on the board so you get increased coverage from just the JTAG TAP connectors – overcoming the limitations of bed of nails and flying probe testing. Additional test equipment such as the XJIO board can extend coverage right to the edges of the Unit Under Test and even check power rail levels.

Reduce rework time with helpful fault-finding

Easily find the source of a fault with accurate, user-friendly diagnostic tools.
XJRunner provides clickable links to the layout and schematic to show the nets, pins and/or devices causing problems. Debugging boards with intermittent behaviour is made easier by looping tests. Use XJAnalyser’s simple, interactive GUI to quickly perform ad-hoc tests, taking direct control of the JTAG on your board.

Program devices in-system

Configure your boards by programming the JTAG devices, flash memories and configuration PROMs in-system. If you have a lot of data to program you can also use a high-speed customised programming solution such as XJFlash or XJDirect

Integrate with your test executive

Keep things simple – XJTAG can be used as a stand-alone test system or integrated into your existing test executive, allowing easy interaction with other test equipment.

Rapid Test Development

Quickly set up and run test and programming routines. Fully-functioning test systems can be easily generated with XJDeveloper’s advanced connection test, extensive non-JTAG device library and integrated XJRunner.


Powerful graphical real-time debugging



Specialised run-time testing environment