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Version Control


Product Description

The Perforce Versioning Engine powers Perforce’s shared versioning service and file repository. It handles user requests and tracks development activity in its built-in database. There’s no need for special hardware other than storage for depot and database files.

Fast, Reliable Architecture

Perforce Versioning Engine is a self-contained program, simple to install and easy to upgrade and maintain. It is designed for high volume environments and is proven to support thousands of users and terabytes of data.

Built to Scale

Backed by flexible replication solutions that bring data closer to users, the Perforce versioning service supports cross-functional development teams, distributed work sites, and enterprise-grade automation and build infrastructure. Perforce’s unique content storage architecture gives you the control and flexibility to store any type of content without hurting performance.


Intelligent Branching

Perforce simplifies branch and merge operations with workflows based on the best practices we’ve seen over the last 15 years. Perforce branching lets you model the entire product lifecycle, from initial development through to release maintenance and customizations. Developers have several ways to manage development tasks and can merge with confidence. Release engineers can automatically guide change flow through tens of related product versions.

Central or Distributed Workflows

Perforce enables you to choose a usage model that best suits your development style:

  • Deploy Perforce Versioning Engine centrally as a shared service to host the mainline on-premise to handle all your version management tasks from remote clients directly.
  • Create a distributed environment with P4Sandbox—fork a dev branch from the mainline and work on new features in isolation; integrate changes to the mainline when ready.
  • Interoperate with Git-based DVCS environments via Perforce Git Fusion.

Easy Administration

Perforce Versioning Engine is self-contained and easy to install and administer—no third-party databases or application servers required. It supports user authentication for LDAP, Active Directory and other external data sources. For audit compliance, it can log individual file access to a log file. Perforce’s replication simplifies backup and disaster recovery. Perforce makes it easy to manage thousands of users distributed across multiple global sites.